Nestled in the heart of Winchester, Virginia, Jim Barnett Park is a hub of recreational activities and community engagement. This expansive park has been a cherished asset for locals and visitors alike, offering various amenities for leisure and sports enthusiasts. Learn information about Winchester, VA.

Facilities and Sports Complex:

Jim Barnett Park boasts a state-of-the-art sports complex with multiple baseball and softball fields, soccer fields, and basketball courts. The park’s facilities cater to casual and organized sports, making it a go-to destination for athletes and teams in the region. Discover facts about Exploring Winchester’s Historic Gem: Abram’s Delight.

Recreational Spaces:

Beyond sports, the park features sprawling green spaces, walking trails, and picnic areas. Families and individuals can enjoy a day outdoors, whether a stroll through scenic landscapes or a picnic gathering in one designated area.

Community Center and Events:

The park is home to a vibrant community center that hosts various events and programs throughout the year. From fitness classes and workshops to cultural events, Jim Barnett Park is a focal point for community engagement and social activities.

Aquatic Center:

A standout feature of the park is its indoor aquatic center, equipped with a competition-sized pool and water features. The facility provides a year-round space for swimming lessons, fitness programs, and aquatic events.


Jim Barnett Park is an essential asset to Winchester, providing a dynamic space where sports, recreation, and community converge. With its diverse offerings and commitment to fostering a sense of community, the park remains a central destination for those seeking an active and social lifestyle in Winchester, Virginia.

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